Custom knives, leather & woodwork that will outlive you.​

Did that inexpensive store-bought knife let you down?

We craft high quality American made knives, custom leather work and beautiful wood furnishings that will outperform and outlast all the other guys.

Show your unique style and create something beautiful to pass on to your grandkids!

Handcrafted & American Made

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Step 1

Click the button below to fill out our short design questionnaire so we can get more details about the piece you want created.

Step 2

We jump on the phone to finalize the details, discuss lead time and payment options,  and I provide you more info about my process.

Step 3

Once your piece is finished to your satisfaction, final payment is made and then your item is shipped right to your door step!

Meet Devin

I started out in the drafting world and soon realized I needed something more creative so I tried my hand at Interior Design. While I liked the architecture and furniture, I didn’t so much like the fabric and paint aspects, and after 10 years, and designing several pieces that were built by others, I decided to venture out and learn to build furniture myself. I took a job and after 7 years was laid off due to a death in the company, but I continued on my own. At this point I was introduced into making handcrafted knives. After 3 months of crafting knives I passed the judging for the Lonestar Maker Membership in the Texas Knifemakers Guild, and within 5 years passed all the judging requirements for voting membership status in the International Knifemakers guild. I also began leathercrafting when I started making knives, as I didn’t know anyone that could make the sheaths for me. I have found that I really enjoy it as well.