Custom Knives

I chose to start my knife making career in stock removal (I DO NOT FORGE) in June of 2015.  Shortly after I joined the Texas Knife makers guild and had my knives judged and became a “Lonestar” maker. The following years I focused mainly on doing increasingly better work and decided to go through the process of having 12 knives judged by the Knifemakers Guild (international) to become a voting member in 2019 I passed the last round of judging and became a full voting member. I have been published in Blade magazine, Knife magazine, Knives 2019 annual, and have a knife shown in the Jantz catalog also.

All of my knives start at the same point raw materials (as many USA made products as possible) which are flat stock mono steel and Damascus, bolster and pin material, liners, spacers, and handle material. I cut each one out and profile it to shape, drill my holes, and do my own heat treating and tempering before I grind the main bevels and any hand sanding that needs to be done for the desired look (hollow or flat). I then proceed to attaching the bolsters and handles followed by shaping and sanding the handle to 2000 grit before final buffing. The very last thing I do is etch my makers mark and the knife number.

I continually strive to produce a superior knife weather it is by ergonomics, fit and finish, or style I am always trying to improve so you will not need to replace but want to get another and be proud to use and pass down those that have served you well as the tool of choice.

In the future I plan to produce more functional art pieces, get started making liner lock and lock back folding knives, as well as continuing to produce my “standard” knives.

All of my knives are custom made and an exact quote will be provided after we have spoken and all the details have been decided. My work series knives start at $200, while my standard knives start at $550. Any knife that is overly personalized such as engraved initials or rare materials will need to be paid for in full before work begins. Work series knives come with a plain vertical leather sheath, Standard and above knives come with a zipper case and a plain vertical leather sheath.  Sheaths can be up graded as you can see under the leather page.

I am a one person shop and try to do everything in an efficient and timely manner, occasionally things to happen that prolongs the production of your item but I will stay in contact and inform you of any delays as soon as I can.

Ready to get started?