Using exceptional domestic and imported hardwoods along with select veneers, each piece is sculpted to shape by hand (no CNC or automated machinery is used) on the work bench as was done in years past. Meticulous efforts are given to the details such as joinery, inlays, and carvings to ensure proper fit and accuracy.  Upon finalizing the construction each piece is distressed to the desired level to provide the backdrop for the hand rubbed and waxed patina that draws us to the antique and the brilliance of the contemporary and will be a welcomed piece to pass down.

The pricing for my woodwork varies greatly depending on material and details requested such as inlay or carving, but generally runs $1,000 per foot for tables (Ie 2”dia =2,000, 2’x4’=4,000). Boxes start at $500.  Once all specifications have been determined I will send you a quote for final approval. Upon accepting, a 50% deposit is required to begin and is non-refundable once materials have been purchased and work has begun. The balance is due prior to item being shipped, at which time I will let you know how much the shipping will be in addition.

I am a one-person shop and try to do everything in an efficient and timely manner. Occasionally things do happen that prolongs the production of your item, but I will stay in contact and inform you of any delays as soon as I can.

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